Strategic Cooperation of IFLY and Hellenic Seaplanes

July 28, 2020
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Strategic Cooperation of IFLY and Hellenic Seaplanes

IFLY announces its strategic cooperation with Hellenic Seaplanes. To this regard the following press release has been publicized:

The memorandum of the strategic cooperation was signed between Hellenic Seaplanes and IFLY!

The two emerging companies share tomorrow’s vision by planning to open new markets, create new tourism products and increase their share of the incoming, outgoing and local passenger public of Greece.

Hellenic Seaplanes, which opens the seaplane market, announces the launch of a strategic partnership with IFLY, which specializes in providing VIP air transportation services, medical transport by helicopters and airplanes, and provides high-standard services for a wide range of aircrafts. The aim of the strategic cooperation is to best meet the common challenges and needs of tourism and the transport sector by maximizing the choices of the passenger public.

The strategic agreement will take place at three interrelated levels:

  1. The utilization of IFLY facilities at Megara airport by Hellenic Seaplanes regarding the supportive operation of its seaplanes, as there will be the center of the company for the maintenance and control of its aircraft as well as for their fuel supply.
  2. Networking & development of collaborations between the two companies, providing their services in combination by creating integrated tourist products, always aiming to increase passenger traffic with their aircraft.
  3. Build up competitiveness and formulating joint strategy proposals for strengthening and shaping an investment and business environment that will promote the development of a new aviation era in Greece based on combined transport.

After the signing of the memorandum of strategic cooperation, a tour of IFLY’s Megara facilities was conducted and further details were discussed regarding the plan of procedures to be followed for the proper maintenance of the Hellenic Seaplanes seaplane fleet which will soon be transported to Greece for the first flights this upcoming summer season.

The CEO of IFLY Mr. George Verbis stated in this regard after the signing of this strategic cooperation:

Our company operates commercial flights daily, to all destinations in Greece and neighboring countries. Our fleet consists of seven twin-engine helicopters and two private Jets, we have extensive facilities at Megara Airport where we maintain the largest Maintenance Base with high technological standards in South-Eastern Europe.
The strategic agreement we signed today will facilitate the success of Hellenic Seaplanes’ plans for the implementation of its object concerning the realization of seaplane flights in Greece. Together we will set a growing framework, which will serve the passenger public and its transportation requirements to all conventional airports/helipads, to all water-based landing areas and waterways of the country with scheduled and nonscheduled charter flights. The result of this cooperation will be the strengthening of the tourism industry by shaping the tourist identity of many areas of Greece that do not have an air transport network. 

The summer is predicted to be particularly “hot” for Hellenic Seaplanes and the implementation of its plan for flights in the Greek skies with seaplanes from the beginning of this summer season! The CEO of Hellenic Seaplanes, Mr. Nikolas Charalambous in a relevant report stated:

Today, this strategic cooperation is not only an important milestone in the implementation of the operation of seaplanes but also a decisive step for the maturation phase of the new seaplane market in the country.
The plans for this strategic junction are the cooperation and interconnection of the services offered of the two companies by creating a complete transport product in Greece. The range of activities covered by IFLY is inextricably linked to the services of Hellenic Seaplanes, which include seaplane passenger flights, the organization and execution of various types of air cargo, VIP passengers, air travel, sightseeing flights as well as chartered and other nonscheduled activities with seaplanes.
The collaboration between Hellenic Seaplanes and IFLY marks in the best way the start of the flight operation of our seaplanes this summer. “Our aircraft will perform reliable, quality and above all safe flights as the key area of ​​aircraft maintenance, refueling and detailed inspection is undertaken by a company with a successful course in time, with infrastructure and facilities of high standards!

The maintenance, repair, and inspection base that Hellenic Seaplanes will now use for its seaplanes is the largest in the area and at the same time one of the most technologically advanced in South-Eastern Europe. The construction of the base was done with high and demanding specifications, to ensure its full certification.

The facility covers a total area of ​​3,100 m² and includes, among other things, workshop areas (aircraft electronics, machine shop, etc.), crane bridge, computer room, special storage areas, technical library, offices and staff training room.