Aircraft Operating Services (AOC)

Aircraft Operation Services

IFLY has Aircraft Operating Certificate (A.O.C. GR-046) by the Hellenic Civil Aviation Authority (HCAA), under which it may conduct commercial operations, having commercial helicopter and airplane license for various types.
Possessing a private aircraft is certainly not an easy task. On the contrary, its owner must devote significant time and money amounts for the continuous supervision of a range of management needs of the aircraft. Only a few of them are its maintenance, operation under existing regulations and the wider legal framework, the aircraft and passengers safety, as well as maintaining and supervising reliable crews.

Thanks to our A.O.C. (GR-046) certification, experience, know-how and infrastructures acquired over the years we can fully undertake the burden of your aircraft’s management. For a fixed monthly fee, we will carry out all management operations needed so that you can enjoy your aircraft, and at the same time, we will ensure a low cost of use through the discounts you will get on such items as fuel, maintenance and ground services.

More specifically management service includes:

  • Aircraft parking, guarding and cleaning.
  • Systematic aircraft inspection and scheduled maintenance.
  • Operations management such as fuel supply, etc.
  • Flying procedures.
  • All other administrative procedures.

If you wish to make commercial use of your aircraft, IFLY can also help you with third party charters through its management services thus bringing in revenues which will in turn further reduce the expenses of your aircraft, also providing extra services, such as the use of another aircraft, which immunizes the fact that you will always have an aircraft available for your transfer requirements.