ICSS Maintenance Facilities demo


Technical Maintenance Base

The iGroup of companies, whose member IFLY S.A. is, concern themselves the last decade (since 2002) with the flight industry through the company ICSS S.A. which now holds the maintenance support, with emphasis on helicopters and airplanes.


EASA Part-145

Largest Maintenance Base

Just a few kilometers outside of Athens, the Maintenance Base is the largest - in terms of surface area - and at the same time one of the most technologically advanced in Southeast Europe. The base was built according to so high specifications so as to ensure its full compliance with EASA Part-145.

3.100 Square Meters

Extended Facilites


Certified Vendors

For purposes of meeting additional needs such as fueling, consumables, etc. of the aircraft hosted at the Base, only certified vendors are used. As requested by international standards and practices, these vendors have been selected following rigorous preliminary checks so as to ensure their reliability and quality of services and products.

Wide Range

Aircraft Maintenance

In conjunction with ICSS’s trained technical staff which is certified under EASA part-66, the Base can host for maintenance/repair purposes a wide range of aircraft types for both line and base maintenance.

multilayer safety systems

Security & Safety


For any additional information, please visit ICSS website at www.icss.gr