How it Works

Book your flight in 4 easy steps

How it works?


Step 1 - Flight Quotation

You may use the online Quotation Form through our website, so as to provide us with the detailed information of your journey or call us on a 24 hour basis on +30 210 62 35 080

Step 2 - Quotation Approval

Following your request, we will send a detailed flight quotation to you via email or fax, according to the details you provide us. At this point your request gets queued but your flight is not considered booked.

Step 3 - Pay your flight

Payment procedure is simple and can be accomplished in two ways for your ease.
Payment via bank transfer.
Payment via credit card online or offline.
Cash prior to the flight.

Step 4 - Enjoy your flight

Upon completion of the above procedure, which includes your positive response to our quotation and commitment or deposit of the corresponding amount, your booking has been successfully completed.