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Flight Safety is a combination of various required conditions so a flight to reach its destination with the maximum safety. Therefore, flight safety is an interaction between rules, environmental influences and technical and human factors. Air safety is the desired optimal state in which operations are performed under conditions that can be controlled to the maximum possible and with minimum (tolerable) risk.

- Konstantinos Sidiropoulos
  Flight Operations Manager at  IFLY S.A.

F light Safety is the frontispiece and cornerstone of our company and it is achieved with systematic inspection and maintenance of our helicopters in accordance with all international, European and national regulations and in accordance with the requirements of manufacturers for all types of aircrafts in our fleet.

T he high standards set by the Company in maintenance of the flying means, education and care of its staff (flying and technical personnel), enhance and guarantee "Flight Safety".

I FLY S.A. is committed to the Principles and Laws to ensure the safest possible operations and meet the principles and expectations of its customers.

I FLY S.A. counts thousands of flying hours from its inception until today,  a fact that clearly demonstrates the professionalism of its staff and the importance and gravity the Company gives to Flight Safety.

O ur philosophy is to keep our company healthy, dynamic, secure, and successfully focused on continuity of business activities and primarily flight operations.

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