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IFLY operates commercial flights on an almost daily basis to all destinations in Greece as well as to neighboring countries, having gained the trust and confidence of the aviation market by entering partnerships with domestic and foreign business groups.

Flight Hours

IFLY counts thousands of flying hours from its inception until today with zero accident rate, a fact that clearly demonstrates the professionalism of its staff and the importance and gravity the Company gives to Flight Safety.

Happy Clients

The distinction of our company lies in the fact that it has managed to develop high quality services and an excellent level of professionalism, by offering one of the safest, fastest and most effective ways of traveling with the most modern helicopters.

Years Experience

The iGroup of companies, whose member IFLY S.A. is, concern themselves the last decade with the flight industry through the company ICSS S.A. which now holds the maintenance support, with emphasis on helicopters and airplanes.

Our Fleet

  • Agusta A109C Exterior (10)

    Agusta A109C

    IFLY proudly presents its new helicopter Agusta 109C, a light-weight, VIP twin – engine, six-seated helicopter, one of the most prominent in its class during the course of its twenty years of history while popularly used for executive transport worldwide.

    The reliability of the A109C in conjunction with the experienced crew and technical support by our Company create the conditions for both, your safety and comfort.

    This helicopter has an average of 130nmph cruising speed, ensuring a quick and elite way to fly.

    Its sleek shape and retractable undercarriage makes the A109C one of the fastest and most comfortable helicopters in its class.

    It features a comfortable six (6) seated passenger (three (3) front and three (3) aft facing) seated cabin, offering an ideal VIP environment, equipped with an air – conditioned custom leather seated interior, while also soundproofed against outside noise.

  • Bell 430

    Bell 430

    Enjoy a new traveling experience with the world’s most captivating medium twin engine helicopter. Apart from its astonishing aesthetics, the cabin rivaling light business jets offers an unparalleled array of choices for in-flight comfort, luxury and convenience. It features a noise-free environment and an air-conditioned leather seated interior, including a mini bar, making it one of the most enviable helicopters of its class, ideal for long distance flights or large passenger loads.

    In addition to its uncompromising design, Bell 430 is one of the most powerful commercial helicopters and is characterized by many technological advantages. Besides being in Greece the only commercial helicopter with an emergency flotation kit device and a wire strike protection, its two engines and two separate flight control hydraulic systems guarantee the highest level of safety for your flight.

  • Beechcraft 390 Premier 1A Exterior 2

    Hawker Beechcraft 390 Premier IA

    IFLY proudly presents its new services in VIP air transfer by introducing the Hawker Beechcraft Premier 1A, one of the fastest twin engine light jets around, ideally suited for executive charters.

    It represents the ultimate balance of speed, performance and reliability by offering stunning passenger comfort along with the highest level of safety for your flight.

    The Premier 1A provides innovative technology from its exterior to the interior. Its drag reducing aerodynamics along with the swept wing design increases cruising speed and high level altitudes. The state of the art avionics enhance flight safety at its maximum and a cabin cross selection, wider than any typical light jet, offers unparalleled luxury during the flight. Amenities which range from retractable tables with power for laptops to a private lavatory punctuate comfort.

    Its cabin offers a standard seating for six passengers.

    A top of the range Aircraft supported by experienced pilots, qualified ground personnel and state of the art maintenance facilities offer an unforgettable way of travel.

    Amenities: 110V Outlet, Air Conditioning, Air Show, Brunch Pan, Coffee Pot, Data Port, Flight Phone, Ice Bin, Lavatory, Leather Seats, Satellite Phone


  • Agusta A109 AII

    Agusta A109 AII

    Due to its Italian origin, the Agusta A109A II, combines robust construction with elegance both on the outside as well as the interior. Besides its modern streamlined built, the A109 AII cabin offers a spacious and rich environment with such details as leather seats, air-condition and is soundproofed against outside noise.

    In addition to its elegance, the Agusta A109 is one of the fastest commercial helicopters in Greece. Its two engines and two separate flight control hydraulic systems guarantee the highest level of safety for your flight.

  • Agusta A109 Power Elite - Aerial

    Agusta A109 Power Elite

    Enjoy a new traveling experience with the Agusta A109 Power Elite. Fly for business or leisure to any destination in speed, style and safety. Apart from its striking aerodynamic silhouette, the cabin offers a spacious, quiet and luxurious environment, equipped with an air-conditioned leather seated interior, including a mini-bar.

    In addition to its elegance, the Agusta A109 Power Elite is one of the fastest commercial helicopters in Greece. Its two engines and two separate flight control hydraulic systems guarantee the highest level of safety for your flight.

  • Bell 206L3 Long Exterior

    Bell 206L3 Long Ranger

    The Bell 206 Ranger family of helicopters are among the most popular turbine helicopters ever built and today reliably working in a range of commercial, corporate and utility missions around the world.

    The Bell 206 L3 Helicopter reflects the stretch version of the popular Bell 206 Jet Ranger. It is a single engine 5 passenger helicopter, featuring a club passenger seating cabin with two and three rear facing seats. Its cruising speed comes up to 100 Knots and it also has a two bladed rotor system, delivering the smoothest ride in its class.

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